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Circuit Court Clerk 517.546.9816 517.548.4219 email Circuit Court Clerk Map to Circuit Court Clerk
Circuit Court (44th) - Brighton 517.548.1120 Map to Brighton Court
District Court (53rd) 517.548.1000 517.548.9445 Map to District Court
District Court Probation 517.546.5950 517.548.9445 Map to District Ct. Probation
Family Support Division 517.548.1444 517.548.7580 email Family Support Map to Family Support
Prosecutor 517.546.1850 517.546.0728 email Prosecutor's Office Map to Prosecutor
Court Administration 517.546.8079 517.546.0048 Map to Court Administration
Brighton Court 517.548.1120 Map to Brighton Court
Friend of the Court 877.543.2660 517.552.2312 Map to Friend of the Court
Juvenile Court 517.546.1500 517.546.3731 email to Juvenile Court Map to Juvenile Court
Probate Court 517.546.3750 517.552.2510 email Probate Court Map to Probate Court
Circuit Court (44th) - Howell 517.548.1120 Map to Judicial Center
Public Defender 517.540.8745 Email Public Defender Map to Public Defender