Livingston County Spencer J. Hardy Airport

Livingston County Spencer J. Hardy Airport

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Livingston County Spencer J Hardy Airport Terminal
Livingston County Airport is a part of our transportation infrastructure that serves a broad range of community needs. Though General Aviation is generally perceived to be an important means of transportation for people and goods, few people recognize that it does much more than this.
Livingston County Airport serves a broad range of needs including transportation of people and goods, transportation of critical care patients, search and rescue operations, tourism, law enforcement activity, flight instruction, and others in a broad range of services. The location of the airport allows county residents, visitors and commercial interests a high level of utility with easy highway access to I-96, M-59 and US 23.
Livingston County Airport is considered valuable to the competitive position of a number of local business organizations. If the facility were not present, it is possible that these firms would choose or be forced to locate elsewhere. These organizations use air charter and general aviation services made possible by the existence of the airport.

Bird's eye view of the Livingston County Airport.


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Livingston County Aeronautical Facilities Board Meetings

The Livingston County Aeronautical Facilities Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Airport Terminal Building.

Survival Flight, the University of Michigan Health System's air medical transportation service, operates from a station at the Livingston County Airport. Click here for full story.

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