Abuse and Neglect Frequently Asked Questions
Livingston County, MichiganAnimal ShelterAbuse and Neglect Frequently Asked Questions

Abuse and Neglect Frequently Asked Questions

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I think someone is abusing or neglecting their pet, what should I do? ,

If you think that you have a legitimate complaint in regards to the welfare of an animal, please contact Livingston County Central Dispatch 517.546.9111 (non-emergency) to file a complaint. You must have the address of the location where the alleged abuse is taking place so our Animal Control Officers can investigate your complaint. Your first complaint can be anonymous, but we will require that you give your name in order to submit subsequent complaints.

What will you do when you get a complaint about a pet owner?,


Animal Control Officers will visit the pet owner and speak to them, or leave a notice to call Livingston County Animal Control if no one is at home. Our officer will talk with the owner and investigate the nature of the complaint and request to view the animal if necessary. 
Depending on the nature of the complaint, our officers we may educate the pet owner on responsible pet ownership. If the complaint is about a dog, our officers will educate the owner about Michigan dog laws and make sure that the animal has a valid dog license.
Depending on what the officer finds, the owner may be issued a warning or a ticket. If the investigation reveals serious abuse or neglect we may prosecute the owner. The penalties for abuse and neglect vary. Tickets range from $195 and up, while prosecution for abuse or neglect could result in jail time.


My neighbor is an animal hoarder, what can I do?,

Hoarding is a form of neglect.  If someone is trying to care for a large number of pets or thinks they are caring for them, and the animals are suffering due to neglect you can call Livingston County Central Dispatch 517.546.9111 (non-emergency), and request that an officer investigate the situation.

Do not get involved in the situation or confront your neighbor. Instead, please try to give our officer as much information as possible, including a phone number where they can reach you if they have further questions.
Hoarding animals usually indicates that a person is hoarding other items as well. This typically results in unsanitary living conditions for humans and animals. If there are minor children present in the home, we will contact the proper authorities.
If you think that someone is hoarding animals, especially if the animals are not properly cared for, please call us as soon as possible.