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Save Rates/Statistics

The Numbers

The employees and volunteers of the Livingston County Animal Shelter have worked hard to reduce euthanasia rates over the past few years, despite an increase in the number of animals brought to the shelter.
For example, in an effort to reduce overpopulation, we created a low income spay/neuter clinic and TNR program. In order to encourage more adoptions, we coordinated off-site adoption opportunities and offer extended hours on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays to accommodate those who work or attend school during the day. Finally, we created partnerships with local rescue groups and cultivated an enthusiastic group of volunteers who assist and promote the shelter in a number of ways. Members of the Michigan Pet Fund staff with two beagles.

As a result, euthanasia rates have dropped by 15% to 20% since 2010. The Michigan Pet Fund Alliance reported that our save rate was 63.67% in 2011. It has improved every year since then.
Every year the state of Michigan Department of Agriculture surveys all Michigan shelters on their activity during the year. Review our shelter's activity.

Open Admission

Because we are an open admission shelter, we accept ALL animals despite their breed, age or condition and this policy impacts our save rates. Please be aware that unadoptable feral/wild cats are also calculated into these statistics. We do our best to only euthanize pets that have severe health or temperament issues.

We are often asked if we are a “No Kill” shelter. The most widely accepted definition of a no-kill shelter is a place where all adoptable and treatable animals are saved and where only unadoptable or animals that cannot be rehabilitated are euthanized. Typically, that is a 90% save rate. We strive to achieve this goal. Please spay or neuter your cat and make use of our TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program. We want to make sure every adoptable pet gets a chance for a home.

Moving Forward

We take great pride in our mission to care for Livingston County’s homeless animals and strive to overcome our previous reputation as “the pound,” a sad place where animals have a limited amount of time to be claimed or adopted before being euthanized. Our Shelter is a welcoming place, filled with wonderful animals patiently waiting to find a new home.

We urge you to visit our facility and see for yourself!