Animal Nuisance Issues Frequently Asked Questions
Livingston County, MichiganAnimal ShelterAnimal Nuisance Issues Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Nuisance Issues Frequently Asked Questions

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There is a dog running around my neighborhood, what do I do?,

If you feel that you can safely confine the dog, please do so. You can call Livingston County Central Dispatch 517.546.9111 and an Animal Control Officer will be sent to your location. We will not send an officer out on a call for a loose dog that is not confined. Typically, by the time an officer arrives on the scene, the dog is gone. If you know who owns the loose dog, please give their address to an Animal Control Officer and they will go to the owner’s home and speak with them about responsible pet ownership.

A dog left its yard and came after me in my yard or the street, what should I do?,

If you or your pet have been threatened by a dog coming off their property and it is unattended, please call us and we will send an Animal Control Officer out to investigate. You will need to have the address of dog’s owner in order for us to send an Animal Control Officer.

My neighbor’s dog barks all the time, what can I do?,

If you think that you have a legitimate barking complaint, please contact your local municipality. Each city, village and townships has noise ordinances that they are responsible for enforcing. In order for our Animal Control Officers to investigate a barking dog, we must be able to witness the dog barking. Barking calls are not a high priority and will only be handled in between emergency calls.

Will you pick up loose cats in my neighborhood?,

No.  Livingston County Animal Control and Shelter will not come out and pick up stray cats. 

We will accept stray cats at the shelter from Livingston County residents who find cats in the country and bring them in.  You can use a live trap from us if needed to catch the cat. ($50 refundable deposit) 

Our Animal Control Officers only go out on calls involving cats if there is suspected abuse or neglect.​