State of Michigan Bureau of Construction Codes Directory
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State of Michigan Bureau of Construction Codes Directory


Department & PhoneAreas Covered
Office of the Bureau Director and Deputy Directors; Construction Code Commission.

Office of Administrative Services (OAS)


Personnel actions; promulgation of administrative rules; publications; forms; technical bulletins; web production; media coordination; and duties related to the Americans with Disabilities act.

Office of Management Services (OMS)


Building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits; electrical, mechanical and plumbing license renewals; purchase of codebooks.

Boiler Division


Code questions; boiler installers, inspectors, and reapers licenses; boiler permits and inspections; complaints and reporting of boiler accidents; boiler invoices; purchases of boiler codebooks; Board of Boiler Rules.

Building Division


Code questions—i.e., residential, commercial, foundations, drywall, roofing, footings and foundations, snow loads, demolition, etc.; school construction inspections; building permit questions; building inspections; certificates of occupancy; manufactured housing community pre-licensing inspections; manufactured housing questions; manufactured housing commission; manufactured housing community, installer/service, and retailer licenses.

Note: Builder License questions are not handled though this agency, Please contact the Bureau of Commercial Services at 517.241.9254 (license/renewals); 517.241.9202 (complaints); 1.800.733.9267 (examination questions); 1.900.555.8374 (licensing verification).

Electrical Division


Code general questions; electrical examinations and licenses; apprenticeship registration; electrical permits and inspections; Electrical Administrative Board.

Elevator Safety Division


Code questions; elevator examinations and licenses; elevator permits and inspections; purchase of elevator codebooks; complaints and reporting of elevator accidents; Elevator Safety Board.

Office of Land Survey & Remonumentation


General questions; ensure orderly division of land; conduct final reviews of plat maps; administers statewide program of monumenting and re-monumenting the original U.S. government public land survey property controlling corners.

Mechanical Division


Code questions –i.e., furnaces, HVAC (heating and air conditioning), duct work, solar heating, refrigeration, underground tanks; mechanical contractors examinations and licensing; mechanical permits and inspections; Board of Mechanical Rules.

Note: Freon questions are not handled through this agency. Please contact the Stratospheric Ozone Hotline at 1.800.296.1996.

Note: Calls regarding auto mechanics or auto mechanic licenses are not handled though this agency. Please contact the Secretary of State at 517.373.9060.

Office of Local Government & Consumer Services (OLGCS)


Review of applications from local units of government to locally enforce state building, electrical mechanical, and/or plumbing codes; complaints regarding local code enforcement, electricians mechanical contractors, plumbers, and barrier free design requirements; complaints against manufactured housing communities, installer/servicers, retailers, and manufacturers; manufactured housing community and retailer audits; manufactured housing community ordinance and variance request reviews; inspector registration, training and educational requirements; instructor approvals for training and education.