Residential Building Permit Sequence Guide
Livingston County, MichiganBuilding DepartmentResidential Building Permit Sequence Guide

Residential Building Permit Sequence Guide

1. Obtain driveway permit from the Livingston County Road Commission
2. Obtain land use from township
A. Approved Site Plan
B. Plans Stamped by Township – (if applicable)
C. Tax Code Number
D. Lot number, Section Number
E. Must provide LCBD with a receipt of approval from Twp. For PAID water/ sewer taps
3. Acquire an address from Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Office
(Please note that some addresses in Livingston County are not issued by GIS.  See Map for addressing sources in Livingston County.)

The following steps may be taken in any order: 

4. Complete building permit application(s) including:
a. Location – Site address, Lot number, Section number, Sub-division name, etc.
     i. Vacant lots must have an address to apply for permit
     ii. Proof of ownership of property
b. Owner, builder, Architect, or Engineer Information
c. Water Supply and Sewage Disposal Type
d. Type of Work – New work, Addition, Repair, Alteration, Foundation, Demo, etc.
e. The Use of the Building – Residential, Commercial, Accessory
f. Description of work to be done in complete detail
g. Directions to work site
h. Sign & date application by person(s) applying for the permit
5. Provide two sets of complete plans of each of the following:
i. Floor Plan Details
     i. 1st, 2nd, Foundation, Walkout, Bonus/Attic Areas, etc.
j. Front, sides, and Rear Elevation
k. Framing Details
l. insulation values, including window & door U values  
m. Signed & Sealed Drawings
     i. Residential work greater than 3500sq.ft.
     ii. Log Homes
     iii. Any other alternative types of construction not address by the code
6. Soil Erosion Control permit(s) or waiver from the Livingston County Drain Commissioner
7. Septic & well permit(s) or waivers from the Livingston County Environmental Health Department

Identification Required:

a. Copy of Drivers License
b. Builders License

Homeowners policy affidavit

Electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits are not included with the building permit. These must be obtained from the Livingston County Building Department.