Required Information for Building Permits
Livingston County, MichiganBuilding DepartmentRequired Information for Building Permits

Required Information for Building Permits

Residential Plan Review

1. Two sets of project drawings

A. Foundation Plans
B. Walkout/daylight areas shown on plans
C. 1st floor plans
D. 2nd floor plans
E. Provide all square footages of levels - 1st floor, 2nd floor, garage, bonus rooms, decks and porches
2. Garage
3. Bonus rooms
4. Elevations
A. Front
B. Side(s)
C. Back/read
5. Framing Detail
6. Michigan Uniform energy code (M.U.E.C) Insulation values, including windows & doors U factors
Prescriptive methods or RES Check
8. Signed & sealed drawing are required for:
A. Residential work greater than 3500 sq. Ft.
B. Log homes
C. Wood foundations
D. Any other alternative types of construction not addressed by the code
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