Assumed Name (DBA) Helpful Resources
Livingston County, MichiganCounty ClerkAssumed Name (DBA) Helpful Resources

Assumed Name (DBA) Helpful Resources

To obtain a Michigan Sales Tax License, please contact the Michigan Department of Treasury online at or call (517) 636-4660.

To obtain a Federal Tax ID No. (Also Known as an EIN), please contact the Internal Revenue Service online at or call (800) 829-4933.

Sales Tax Information (State of Michigan) (517) 636-4660
Federal Tax I.D. Nos. (IRS)1-800-829-1040
Corporation and Securities Bureau(517) 241-6470
4 C's of Livingston County (Checks day care facilities)(517) 548-9112

Licensing Numbers:

Operator Switchboard(517) 373-1837
Builders(517) 241-9254
Electrical(517) 241-9320
Plumbing(517) 241-9330
Heating(517) 241-9313