Order a Birth, Death, or Marriage Certificate
Livingston County, MichiganCounty ClerkOrder a Birth, Death, or Marriage Certificate

Order a Birth, Death, or Marriage Certificate

Certified copies of Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates are available that occurred in Livingston County. All copies issued by this office are certified copies with a raised seal and serve as an 'original' document.
The following information is required:
Birth Certificate:  Birth certificates are confidential records and are only available to the person or parent of the person named on that record. You must show, or provide a copy of, a valid driver's license, state-issued ID or passport. If you are a legal guardian, legal representative or an heir of the person, additional documentation is required.
Marriage Certificate:  If you are applying for a marriage license go to permits and licenses in the left navigation pane and click on the plus (+) sign to expand.  Marriage licenses must have been applied for in Livingston County to request a copy. You must provide the date of the marriage, the groom's full name, and the bride's full name before the marriage.
Death Certificate:  You must provide the full name of the deceased and the date of death.  Order Death Certificate online.