County Clerk Elections Division

County Clerk Elections Division

The Historic Courthouse is open to the public.  Face masks/coverings are required.  Please do not enter the building if you are feeling sick.  Social distancing requirements will limit the number of persons allowed inside the building at one time.  You may be required to wait outside the building.

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Our Mission:

To provide Election Services to the Citizens and Municipalities of Livingston County by ensuring access to our Election processes, while protecting the integrity, transparency, and accountability of our Elections. And adhering to the applicable laws of the State of Michigan as well as Federal laws and regulations where required.

The responsibilities of the Elections Division include:

  • Supervise and canvass all elections conducted within the county.
  • Accept appropriate candidate filings and petitions for recall.
  • Program and print ballots.
  • Train Election Inspectors.
  • Assist local clerks and citizens with Michigan elections.
  • Campaign Finance filings for county and local offices, ballot question, political action, and independent committees.
  • Oversee and maintain the county's permanent election records.
Joseph Bridgman, CMMC, CMC, MMC
Elections Coordinator
Phone: (517) 546-8177
Direct (517) 540-8753

The Elections Division may close during normal business hours due to occasional mandatory election training. Please call 517.546.8177 to verify availability.

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