Livingston County Courts

Livingston County Courts

Please Note: We cannot answer any specific questions about cases.

The Livingston County Courts are pleased to serve the needs of our community. We work with state and national organizations and community providers to achieve the best outcomes, including offering Specialty Courts Programs, and Services Available for the Community.

The Livingston County Court System includes the 44th Circuit Court, located in Howell and Brighton, and the 53rd District Court and the Probate Court, both located in Howell. Honorable Michael P. Hatty is the Chief Judge of the District and Circuit Courts. Honorable Miriam A. Cavanaugh is Chief Judge of the Probate Courts.
The Juvenile Court and Family Court are part of the 44th Circuit Court. The 44th Circuit Court also handles felony criminal cases and civil cases with alleged damages totaling over $25,000. The 53rd District Court handles misdemeanor criminal cases, initial stages of felony criminal cases, traffic cases, landlord/tenant cases, small claims, and civil cases with alleged damages under $25,000. Marriages are also performed in 53rd District Court.

 Livingston County Judges

Circuit Court Judges:

Hon. Michael P. Hatty,

Chief Judge 44th Circuit &
53rd District Courts

Hon. L. Suzanne Geddis

Hon. Matthew J. McGivney

Probate Court Judge:

Hon. Miriam A. Cavanaugh,

Chief Judge Probate Court

District Court Judges:

Hon. Shauna N. Murphy

Hon. Daniel B. Bain