Honorable Miriam Cavanaugh
Livingston County, MichiganCourtsHonorable Miriam Cavanaugh

Honorable Miriam Cavanaugh

Judge’s Elected Position:Probate Court Judge
Judge’s Role(s) with the Courts:Chief Judge Livingston County Courts; Presiding Judge Probate; Presiding Judge Criminal; Presiding Judge Juvenile Court; Presiding Judge for Family Treatment Court;
Case Types Regularly Assigned to the Judge:All Probate cases; Criminal Cases; Juvenile cases involving child protection.
Judge’s History on the Livingston County Bench:Elected in 2012 to a six year term ending 2018
Judge’s Educational Background:1993 Honors Graduate Brighton High school, 1997 Summa Cum Laude graduate U of D Mercy, 2000 Magna Cum Laude graduate U of D Mercy Law School
Judge’s Prior Work History:2000-2003 Michigan Court of Appeals
2003-2012 Livingston County Prosecutor’s Office
Judge’s Professional Associations, Awards, and Other Involvements:
Typical Court Days:Monday:  Criminal and Juvenile court
Tuesday:  Criminal
Wednesday:  Probate Court
Thursday Mornings:  Family Treatment Court
Thursday Afternoons:  Criminal Motions/Sentencing
Fridays:  Criminal Pretrials and Probate Court 
The Probate Court serves an important need for the community.  When people are not able to speak for themselves – either because of death or some type of incapacity, the Court serves in the role of making sure that things are taken care of in an orderly fashion, taking the wishes and best interest of the person into account to the extent that is possible.  When a person has made plans in advance, such as by leaving a will or setting up a trust, the court enforces those plans.  When there are no plans, or when there are unanticipated developments, the Court relies on the laws established by the State and makes findings and issues orders based on evidence presented.  When the courts make decisions on behalf of individuals, we take the utmost care to make sure their rights are protected.