There are six elected judges in Livingston County. Judges are elected to a six year term and are elected to serve in a specific court. There are three Circuit Court judges, one Probate Court judge and two District Court seats. In practice, judges are routinely assigned to cases that are not technically in the court where they are elected to serve, but that are assigned based on plans made by the local courts and approved by the Michigan Supreme Court's State Court Administrative Office to serve the community as efficiently and effectively as possible. There is one Chief Judge of all of the Courts in Livingston County. The courts work together to be as coordinated and effective as possible, and administrators for the courts serve on an Administrative Council, to coordinate activities and achieve efficiencies.
The current judges are as follows, click on each judge's name for more information:

Chief Judge of 44th Circuit and 53rd District Courts: Honorable Michael P. Hatty

Chief Judge of Probate Court: Hon. Miriam A. Cavanaugh

 Circuit Court Judges

 District Court Judges

Honorable Daniel B. Bain

 Probate Court Judge