Local Administrative Orders
Livingston County, MichiganCourtsLocal Administrative Orders

Local Administrative Orders

The courts establish rules specific to Livingston County through “Local Administrative Orders” or LAOs.
Local Administrative Orders Related to the Public:
CourtLAO Number
Circuit Court
1989-01Court Hours
District Court
2009-02Court Address/hours
All Courts
1999-03J (Circuit)
1999-04J (District)
1999-03J (Probate)
Court Closings Due to Weather Emergencies
All Courts
2004-01J (Circuit)
2004-01J (District)
2004-01J (Probate)
Courthouse Decorum
All Courts
2020-04J (Circuit)
2020-05J (District)
2020-03J (Probate)
Security Policy
All Courts2020-05J (Circuit)
2020-06J (District)
2020-04J (Probate)
Inspection, Reproduction, and Creation of Court Records
All Courts2019-15J (Circuit)
2019-10J (District)
2019-08J (Probate)

Request for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities
District2005-02Recording Devices in Courtroom
2003-11J (Circuit)
2003-06J (Probate)
Appointment of Counsel for Indigent Parties
District2003-05Appointment of Counsel
Circuit2001-05Access by Community Mental Health Personnel to Files and Records of the Juvenile Unit of the Family Division of the Circuit Court
Circuit2001-03Access to Friend of the Court Records
Circuit2001-01Access to Juror Questionnaires
Circuit2008-01Order Establishing an Early Intervention/ Conciliation Program
Circuit2003-01Cases Involving Children Absent from Court-Ordered Placements without Legal Permission
Circuit2013-08Language Access Plan