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Jury Service

Livingston County citizens are called upon to participate in the Court system by serving as Jurors. If you are selected for jury service, you will receive a letter and a Jury Summons. The Jury Summons is an official Court document, and you must respond to it. You could be held in criminal contempt of Court if you do not respond to the Jury Summons. 
The Jury Summons will tell you when the two to three weeks of Jury Service will begin and end. During that time, there is a good chance you will not even come to Court, and that even if you are called into Court, there is a good chance that you will not sit on a jury. All who are summoned perform an important service to the community. If you are selected for a jury, the judge will let you know the estimated length of the trial and give you a chance to raise any concerns you may have.
Here are some frequently asked questions (press + for more information):
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How are potential jurors selected? ,

There is a process set up by Michigan law. The process involves random selection by a computer program from a list of individuals who have listed Livingston County locations as their address on Driver’s License and Personal ID cards. Livingston County Court staff have nothing to do with selection.

Can a spouse, friend, or neighbor substitute for you when you are called to jury service? ,

No – the individual whose name is on the Juror Summons must either appear or be excused prior to the dates of service.

What is a Juror Number? ,

Your Juror Number will appear on your Juror Summons. You will be calling the Court (517.546.1661) to see if your Juror Number is expected at Court.

What number do I call to find out if my Juror Number has been called and when is the juror information available? ,

Call the Juror Information line at 517-546-1661 between 5:30pm and 8:00am Monday - Thursday or 5:30pm Friday through 8:00am Monday. There will be recorded instructions regarding your jury service.

What will I be paid as a juror? ,

Prospective jurors who are called in but not selected for jury service receive $12.50 per half day and $25.00 per full day each time they are called in. Jurors seated on a trial receive $20 per half day of trial and $40 per full day of trial. ​ Mileage is paid at a rate of $10.00 per day.

What happens if I don’t show up? ,

You can be charged with criminal contempt of Court.

Do I have to take time off of work? ,

You should make arrangements with your employer to be available if needed. If you are called into Court for jury selection, you will need to be at Court. If you are selected for a jury, you will need to be at Court every day that the jury is in session.