Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I send my paperwork in by fax or e-mail?,

No, Livingston County court system does not currently recognize electronic or fax filing as an acceptable means for filing paperwork.​

Can I look at a case online?,

No, Livingston County does not currently have case files available for online viewing.​

How can I find a process server to serve court papers?,
Where can I find help if I cannot afford an attorney?,

The following websites are available to the public and individuals who are indigent.

​Legal Services of South Central Michigan: (888) 783-8190

Michigan Legal Help:

Online Dispute Resolution (MI-Resolve)
How MI-Resolve Works:  Currently, the system is designed to help resolve money disputes, minor landlord/tenant matters (like the return of a damage deposit), contract matters, and neighborhood disputes.

If you have been sued, or are thinking about suing someone because either someone thinks they owe you money, or you think they owe you money, you can register in M​I-Resolve, and as long as you provide the other person’s email address, the system will invite them to have a conversation online with you to see if you can resolve the matter.


​If your dispute isn’t already filed in court, you have seven days​ to negotiate with the other party, and if you haven’t reached a resolution, a mediator will join the conversation. If you already have a pending court case, a medi​ator​ will be automatically assigned.


Mediators are trained through programs approved by the Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Office and will help all parties come up with some options that may resolve the dispute.  If parties agree on a particular resolution, the system produces an agreement form that is a binding contract.  The system also produces any necessary forms for filing in court.

MI-Resolve can be accessed 24/7/365, meaning that disputes can be resolved very quickly, often in a matter of days.  It’s always important to know your legal rights be​fore using the system, and is an important source of legal information for persons representing themselves in court.


Using MI-Resolve​ is confidential, meaning that with few exceptions, such as threats of harm, communications shared in the system cannot be used in court.

MI-Resolve is free to use. There are no charges to any persons using the system.


About 80% of the people who use mediation to resolve a dispute reach an agreement they’re comfortable with. People who do not reach an agreement do not give up any rights and can continue pursuing their claims in court.

How can I get my filing fees waived?,

​Complete the following form and submit with your paperwork for filing.

Fee Waiver Request Form
How do I get a copy of the transcript from my court hearing?,

Please visit the Court Administration web-site

Submit your filing or record question to: