Legal Name Change

Legal Name Change

Name Change Procedures

  • Residency Requirement:  must be a Livingston County resident for one year prior to filing.
  • Filing Fees:  $185.00; includes one certified copy of the Order Changing Name.
  • Finger prints:  required for individuals 22 years of age of older; additional fee, refer to Fingerprint Instructions.

Complete the Group of Forms outline on the "Forms" page as well as the Finger Print Instructions for Name Change

File them at the Livingston County Circuit Court Clerk's Office

  • One petition per name change -or- an adult petition may also include the spouse and minor children.
  • Adults & minors 14 years or older must sign the petition, and appear for hearing.
  • Minor Name Changes: both the birth mother and the birth father must consent. Both must sign the Petition, or, give their consent by signing a Waiver & Consent Form PC 561 ** if unable to get the other parents' consent there is additional paperwork and instructions that the Clerk staff will provide to you and can help you with. The other non-consenting parent must be provided notice of the name change request for a minor.

Publication of Notice of Hearing/ PC 563 is needed for every Name Change Petition.  

The Clerk will provide a hearing date and time for you. *a publication fee will be charged to you by the newspaper. 

Notice of Hearing/MC 326 is needed only for Minor name changes when the Petition does not include the other parents consent or signature.

Circuit Court Praecipe is needed for every Name Change Petition and is used by the Court to schedule the hearing.

Order Following Hearing on Petition to Change Name/PC 52 is needed for every Name Change Petition.  Complete only the very top portion of this form, up to paragraph 1. 

*If the court orders a new birth certificate be created, you will need to contact the State Registrar at, Michigan Department of Public Health, Vital Records Changes, PO Box 30721, Lansing, MI 48909,, (517) 335-8660.