District Court

District Court

Honorable Miriam A. Cavanaugh, Chief Judge of Livingston County Courts 

53rd District Court Judges

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 New Security Requirements for OnLine Services

Livingston County has established new security requirements for using On-Line Services; which include court payments, court record lookups and court schedule inquiry.

Use this link to see whether your browser complies.

Use these instructions to make adjustments to your Internet Explorer Settings.

Francine Zysk, District Court Administrator

 53rd DISTRICT COURT is located at 204 S Highlander Way, Howell, MI.  The court hears the following types of cases:
  • CRIMINAL - Misdemeanor and Felony matters
  • CIVIL - matters are divided into three different categories:
    • General Civil (up to $25,000) - cases involving lawsuits between two or more parties seeking money damages.
    • Small Claims - Cases where the amount claimed does not exceed a specified amount, Small claims cases should not exceed $6,000.  There are no lawyers or juries and no right to appeal.
    • Landlord Tenant - Proceedings to recover possession of premises and/or obtain a money judgment.
  • DIVORCE without minor children