General Civil (up to $25,000)

General Civil (up to $25,000)

General Civil (up to $25,000) - cases involving lawsuits between two or more parties seeking money damage.

In general, it depends on the amount in dispute.  Claims of $25,000 or less are handled in District Court.  Claims greater than $25,000 are handled in Circuit Court.

However, only Circuit Court can handle cases involving equitable relief.

Venue may be proper in more than one court location.  Typically, a case may be filed either where the defendant resides, has a place of business, conducts business or has a registered office.  Sometimes the case may also be filed where the action arose.
**Note:  The attorneys and/or parties must complete the:
This form must be returned to the
53rd District Court prior to the pre-trial.

Note:  Clerks are prohibited by law from giving legal advice.

A List of Agencies for Possible Legal Assistance may be found here:

Filing Fees:  All checks made payable to 53rd District Court.

Email Address-Civil Department:

Civil Forms

$1 - $600 $35.00
$601 - $1,750 $55.00
$1,751 - $10,000 $75.00
$10,001 - $25,000 $160.00
Motion fee $20.00
Jury Demand
*If governmental agency please call court for filing fees.

Claim & Delivery FEE
Item Only $75.00
Item & money damages as follows:
$0 - $600 $110.00
$601 - $1,750 $130.00
$1,751 - $10,000 $150.00
$10,001 - $25,000 $235.00
Misc Filing Fees FEE
Discovery $15.00
Garnishments $15.00
Executions & Evictions
(must be served by Livingston County Sheriff Dept-Civil Division)
All Motions
Dog Complaints $30.00
Contesting Abandoned Vehicle $75.00 + bond
Appeals on Civil & Landlord Tenants
(after filing w/Circuit Court)
$25.00 + bond

Judgment Liens  $10.00