Small Claims

Small Claims

Small Claims - Cases where the amount claimed does not exceed a specified amount.  The jurisdictional amount for small claims cases can not exceed $6,000.  There are no lawyers or juries and no right to appeal.
Collecting Your Judgment:  If you sued someone for money and received a judgment against that person, you have the right to collect the money.
Only District Court handles small claims cases.  Venue may be proper in more than one district court location.  A case may be filed either where the defendant resides, is employed or where the action arose.

Filing Fees:  All checks made payable to: 53rd District Court.  *If governmental agency please call court for filing fees.

Small claims Filing Fee
$1 - $600$30.00 + Service Fee
$601 - $1750$50.00 + Service Fee
$1751-$6000$70.00 + Service Fee

Service Fees
Certified Mail:  Add $13.00 for each defendant
Personal Service:  $26.00 per defendant plus mileage will be billed by process Server 

Small Claims Forms