Small Claims

Small Claims

The jurisdictional amount for Small Claims cases can not exceed $6,500. Venue may be proper in more than one District Court location.  A case may be filed either where the defendant resides, is employed or where the action arose. There are no lawyers or juries and no right to appeal.
Small Claims cases proceed to District Court ordered Mediation through The Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) by Zoom. Mediation is an effective method of resolving disputes that provides parties with the opportunity to reach mutually-satisfactory agreements in a non-adversarial manner.

If you received a money judgment through a Small Claims suit, you have the right to collect the money: Collect Judgment

Filing Fees:  All checks made payable to 53rd District Court.  *If governmental agency, please contact the court for filing fees.

Small Claims Filing Fee
$1 - $600$30.00 + Service Fee
$601 - $1750$50.00 + Service Fee
$1751-$6500$70.00 + Service Fee

Service Fees
Certified Mail:  $15.00 per person. Note: subject to change by United States Post Office due to postal increases, without notice.
Personal Service:  $26.00 per person + mileage will be billed by Process Server 

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Small Claims Forms

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