Request & Order Seizure Of Property
Livingston County, MichiganCourtsDistrict CourtRequest & Order Seizure Of Property

Request & Order Seizure Of Property

Form MC19

Filing Fee - $15

This is post-judgment remedy available to collect a money judgment. May be filed 21 days after date of Judgment. This order is issued by the Court to an authorize Court Officer/Sheriff to seize or take possession of real or personal property to be sold at auction to satisfy the judgment. The Court Officer/Sheriff is entitled to fees by Court rule which will be deducted from the sale proceeds, and the balance, if any will be forwarded to you. A return must be made no less than 20 days of date of order no more than 90 days of order.

Complete form MC19 and file with the Court in person or by mail with your $15.00 check or money order. Once the Judge signs the order a copy will be mailed to you for your file and will be forwarded to the assigned Court Officer/Sheriff. 

See for further information.