53rd District Court Probation

53rd District Court Probation

Dorian Harrow, Chief Probation Officer

Probation Officers:

  Emily Shelton, Dan Lorigan, Kathryn Heath, Emily Oltman

Probation is a sentence granted by a Judge that allows the offender to live in the community under the supervision of a Probation Officer. Theoretically, this decision is made after careful study of the offender’s background, behavior, and potential for success. It is based on the philosophy that the rehabilitation of some of the offenders might be hampered by incarceration and will be supported and encouraged by supervised freedom.

Probation is a desirable disposition in appropriate cases because it maximizes the liberty of the offender while vindicating the authority of the law and protecting the public from further violations. Probation can positively advance the rehabilitation of the offender by continuing normal community contacts such as employment, education, counseling, etc. It can minimize the impact of conviction upon innocent dependents of the offender. Probation voids the negative effects of incarceration, which can severely complicate the offender’s reintegration into the community.

Mandatory Conditions Of Probation 

Defendants placed under the supervision of a Probation Officer must comply with all of the following conditions during their term of Probation:
  • Not to violate any criminal law of any unit of government.
  • Not to leave the State of Michigan without the written consent of the Court.
  • Make a truthful report to the Probation Officer as often as the Probation Officer may require.
  • Notify the Probation Officer of any change of home address or change in employment status.
  • Any other conditions ordered at time of sentencing.