Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court

Roberta Sacharski, Trial Court Administrator

Email Deborah Shaw, Juvenile & Probate Court Administrator

Danielle Domzalski, Juvenile Services Supervisor

The Livingston County Courts will remain open for essential services only until April 13, 2020.  Essential services shall include the following:

Please see the Local Administrative Order for complete details.

53rd District Court:

•    In-custody weekday arraignments;
•    To the extent possible, previously scheduled in-custody hearings;
•    Hearings on emergency matters at the discretion of the Chief Judge.

44th Circuit Court:

•    In-custody arraignments;
•    To the extent possible, previously scheduled in-custody hearings;
•    The initiation of personal protection orders (PPOs);
•    Hearings on denied PPOs and violation of PPOs;
•    Emergency bond motions;
•    Emergency domestic motions;
•    Requests for emergency show cause and injunctive orders;
•    Infectious disease cases; and
•    Hearings on emergency matters at the discretion of the Chief Judge.

Juvenile Court:

•    Hearings involving in-custody juveniles;
•    Preliminary/emergency hearings involving child protective proceedings and/or PPOs;
•    Waiver hearings for youth to be charged as or the rights attributed to an adult; and
•    Hearings on emergency matters at the discretion of the Chief Judge.

Probate Court:

•    Emergency mental health hearings and petitions for pick up orders;
•    Emergency proceedings for guardianships and conservatorships;
•    Emergency orders and/or hearings on warning notices pursuant to MCL 333.5203
•    Hearings on emergency matters at the discretion of the Chief Judge.
Only essential clerking operations will be processed during the time period covered by this LAO.  Please refrain from contacting the Court regarding ordinary business issues until Sunday, April 5, 2020.  In person paper filings will not be accepted.  Essential filings shall be made by email, fax, or through the U.S. mail.  There will also be a drop box at the entrance of the Judicial Center in Howell for essential filings only.

All emergency motions for the District Court identified above should be emailed to: DistrictCourtHowell@livgov.com or faxed to: (517) 548-9445.
All emergency motions for the Circuit Court and proposed emergency orders, identified above, including PPOs, should be emailed to: wclerks@livgov.com or faxed to: (517) 548-4219.  Forms can be accessed at https://www.livgov.com/courts/circuit/clerk/
All emergency motions for the Juvenile Court identified above should be emailed to: juvenilecourt@livgov.com or faxed to: (517) 546-3731.
All emergency motions for the Probate Court identified above should be emailed to: probatecourt@livgov.com or faxed to: (517) 552-2510.

Notice of courthouse visitor restrictions

Due to the recent declaration of a State of Emergency in Michigan declared by Governor Gretchen Whitmer regarding coronavirus known as COVID-19, effective immediately, individuals entering any Livingston County Courthouse must advise the Court Security Officer prior to entering the screening area if they meet any of the following criteria:

•    Persons who have been in any of the following countries within the last 14 days:
South Korea
Any European Country
(This list may be updated as further guidance is received from the CDC.)
•    Persons who reside or have had close contact with someone who has been in one of the countries listed above within the last 14 days;
•    Persons who have traveled domestically within the United States where COVID-19 has sustained widespread community transmission;
•    Persons who have been asked to self-quarantine by any doctor, hospital or health agency;
•    Persons who have been diagnosed with, or have had contact with, anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19;
•    Persons with fever, cough or shortness of breath.


These restrictions will remain in place temporarily until it is determined to be safe to remove them. People who think they may have been exposed to COVID-19 should contact their healthcare provider immediately.

If you have a scheduled appointment or are otherwise required to appear at one of the courthouses in Livingston County, and you are unable to appear because of the restrictions listed, you should proceed as follows:

•    If you are represented by an attorney, please contact your attorney;
•    If you are an attorney and you are scheduled to appear in court before a judge, please contact that chambers directly (contact information may be found on the Court’s website);
•    If you are scheduled to meet with a District Court Probation Officer, please contact the Probation office at (517) 546-5950;
•    If you are a juror, please contact the Circuit Court Jury Clerk: (517) 540-7530 or the District Court Jury Clerk at (517) 540-7666;
•    For District Court matters, please contact  the District Court Administrator, Marisa Lutz at (517) 540-7637;
•    For Juvenile or Probate Court matters, please contact the Juvenile & Probate Court Administrator, Debby Shaw at (517) 540-7739;
•    For Circuit Court or any other matters, please contact the Trial Court Administrator Roberta Sacharski at (517) 540-7814

 New Security Requirements for OnLine Services

Livingston County has security requirements for On-Line Services.

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Instructions to adjust Internet Explorer settings for compliance.

The Juvenile Unit of the Family Division of the 44th Circuit Court has the responsibility of handling Child Protection and Juvenile Justice cases. The portion of Michigan Law giving authority to the Juvenile Court is the Juvenile Code .
Child Protection cases arise when a petition is filed, usually by the Department of Human Services  (DHS), alleging that there has been child neglect or abuse. The overall purpose is to assure the safety of children and prevent any further abuse or neglect, rather than to punish adults. The Child Protection area also handles Adoptions and processes youths' request for Emancipation of Minors.
Juvenile Justice cases arise when a petition is filed with the court. A petition is usually filed by the Prosecutor, alleging that one or more laws have been broken by a youth under age 17, which leads to a Juvenile Justice "Delinquency" case. In general, The court’s role is to support the current and future safety of the community by providing services to support the success of youth and their families in avoiding future system involvement.  Petitions are also filed related to Status Offenses such as when parents come to court regarding Incorrigibility or when the school district elects to bring issues related to Truancy to court. There are also requests for Personal Protection Against Minors. Finally, when a youth under age 17 receives a traffic ticket, there is a way to handle the ticket informally through Juvenile Court.