For Attorneys

For Attorneys

There are attorneys who serve on the Livingston County Model Court Core Teams, but others are welcome to attend.

The Livingston County Model Court supports attorneys continuously improving and enhancing their skills. The following are some resources to assist attorneys handling child protection cases.

The Juvenile Court hosts a series of Brown Bag lunch presentations. To find out about upcoming sessions, contact Sandra Aspinall, Juvenile Referee.

SCAO Child Welfare Training and Development

The Child Welfare Information Gateway provides information on a wide variety of topics.

Domestic Violence: Many families involved in Juvenile Court have a history of domestic violence. Parents who have been victims of domestic violence should know that they have supports available in the community. For more information about LACASA, Livingston County’s Domestic Violence organization.
Parents who have perpetrated domestic violence should know that the community supports efforts toward positive change, but that domestic violence must stop. Domestic Violence involves not just physical violence, but involves a person abusing a spouse, dating partner, or parent of their children, because the abuser believes the abuser has a right to control the other person. The abuse usually is carried out over time in what is called a pattern of abuse. The pattern of abuse may involve physical, sexual, emotional, financial, and other forms of abuse. LACASA has a Domestic Abuse Intervention Program, which is a group that lasts 40 weeks. Perpetrators of domestic violence are expected to complete this program and demonstrate that they have stopped all abusive behaviors.