Examples of Livingston County Child Protection Model Court projects that have been developed and implemented include the following.

Service Inventory:  Services offered to families are profiled, with related information including a detailed description, as well as contact information, referral requirements, and financial information.

Parent Information Guide: Given to all parents to help them understand the court process and to keep track of their documents, appointments, and information.

Parenting Time: When children have been removed from their parents’ home in a child protection proceeding, parents and children now have more comfortable and supportive options for where and when to meet for parenting time.

Trained parent coaches work with parents to help them understand how to keep children safe, and we use a tool called “Family Connect” to help parents, children, and foster parents understand the important matters to consider in parenting time. Family Connect provides practical tools that can be used to help make parenting time the best it can be for all involved.

National Training for Attorneys Representing Parents: NCJFCJ brought expert trainers from the American Bar Association to Livingston County to train our court-appointed attorneys on trial skills in representing parents in child protection cases. Approximately 30 attorneys participated, and as a result, they are better prepared to represent the interests of parents throughout the child protection process.

Training for professionals who serve families in Livingston County: Over 70 people attended a training where each program and agency involved in the child protection system presented information about what it does and who it serves. As a result, people who serve families are better equipped to know about other services that may be helpful, and how to get families connected with those services.

Two training programs were offered to professionals to enhance their knowledge about specific issues affecting families. The trainings included:

  • Family Connect which is used to support positive experiences of parenting time for parents with their children who have been removed from the parents’ care during a child protection case.
  • Connect the Dots training series participants received all of the following instruction:
    • Capable Kids an early childhood development parenting class.
    • Stewards of Children a class about sexual abuse of children.
    • Domestic Violence  a class about what happens in families that are experiencing domestic violence and how people who come in contact with those families can help to support safety.
    • Sexual Assault a class about what happens when a person is sexually assaulted and how people who come in contact with that person can be helpful.

Approximately 30 people received the Family Connect and/or Connect the Dots training.