All Adoption Proceedings are processed by the Adoption Department of the Livingston County Juvenile Court. The Adoption Department works with the public and adoption agencies to provide oversight and supervision of adoption petitions and post-adoption information requests. We are charged with ensuring that the confidentiality of information is maintained and that the adoption process is handled expeditiously as required by laws. We process adoption petitions for direct placement, agency, adult, stepparent, guardian and relative adoptions. We also accept petitions regarding post-adoption matters, including information requests and confidential intermediary services. For information regarding Delayed Registrations of Foreign Birth, please contact Livingston County Probate Court.

General Guidelines

  • Petitioner and/or adoptee must be a resident of Livingston County.
  • Court staff cannot give legal advice and/or assist in completing any forms. Petitioner(s) must determine whether they need the assistance of an attorney.
  • Petitioner(s) are responsible for providing notice as directed by the Court, including any Personal Service or Service by Publication. Petitioner(s) are responsible for process server fees or publication fees as charged. 
  • Adoptees over the age of 14, Guardians with specific authority to consent, and Parents consenting to an adoption, must consent at a hearing before a Judge or Referee of the Circuit Court.

Submitting Petition Packets

1.    Mail or Hand Deliver Petition Packets/Documents to:

Livingston County Juvenile Court
Adoption Department
204 S. Highlander Way, Suite 3
Howell, MI 48843

2.    Email Documents (after initial packet has been filed) to: "Attention Adoption Department"

Filing Fees

Filing fees are due at the time of filing by check or money order.


Adoption Petition Filing Fee:
  • $185.00, payable to Livingston County Juvenile Court

Supplemental Petitions/Motions Fee:
  • $20.00, payable to Livingston County Juvenile Court
  • Applies to any supplemental petitions or motions filed after the initial Adoption Petition filing.

Home Investigation Fee:
  • $100.00, payable to Livingston County Juvenile Court
  • Applies to all Stepparent, Relative and Legal Guardian Adoptions
  • Fee applies per household, not adoptee

Adult Adoption Investigation Fee:
  • $50.00, payable to Livingston County Juvenile Court
  • Applies to all Adult Adoptions
  • Applies per adoptee
Birth Certificate Fee:
  • $50.00, payable to State of Michigan
    • For adoptees born in Michigan and foreign birth
    • Fee includes amendment and (1) certified copy of new birth certificate
    • $16.00 for each additional certified copy requested
If adoptee was not born in the State of Michigan, you must contact the appropriate State and inquire of the forms and fees required to amend the birth certificate. You can obtain contact information at: