Juvenile Probation Standard Terms
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Juvenile Probation Standard Terms

Juvenile Probation Standard Terms:
  1. The juvenile must not violate any laws of any municipality, city, state, or nation. 

  2. The juvenile must maintain respect for the directions, wishes, and guidance of his/her parents, as well as all people of authority, and, must abide by household rules, including curfew as established.

  3. The juvenile must regularly attend school, when in session. Any absence from school must be by parental consent. School progress reports must be provided as requested by the Probation Officer.

  4. The juvenile must report to the Probation Officer at least once a month, and as requested to report.

  5. The juvenile and parent/s must keep their address and phone number current with the Court.

  6. The juvenile may not leave the State of Michigan, without written permission from the Court.

  7. The juvenile shall submit to random drug testing at the request of his/her probation officer or parent/s. and parents shall reimburse the court for the cost of drug testing as billed.

  8. All financial obligations shall be paid as billed by the court.