Counseling Based Services

Counseling Based Services

Intensive In-Home Counseling: The court contracts with private, masters-level counselors who have extensive experience working with juveniles. The contracts with both male and female counselors. Counseling is provided for a maximum of 90 days, usually 1-3 hours per week. Counselors are paid $65.00 per hour from a joint budget of the court and the Family Independence Agency. No cost to the family, if they attend all scheduled counseling session.

Wraparound Services: A wraparound specialist creates a service plan for the juveniles and their families. A team counseling and behavior modification approach is utilized. The wraparound team may consist of a probation officer, a school teacher, a C.M.H. therapist, an F.I.A. worker, and, most importantly, friends or neighbors who the family relies upon for emotional support. Wraparound specialists are hired via contract by C.M.H. The program has a limited number of openings, so care must be chosen in referring families for wraparound treatment. The program is funded by joint community funding, which includes court funding. No cost to the family.

Sex Offender Assessment / Counseling: An assessment to the community risk level can be conducted. There is also individual and group counseling for male offenders that have been evaluated by the therapist. Duration of counseling is generally from one to two years.

Counseling: May be arranged privately by the family for individual and/or family counseling.

Runaway / Shelter Program: Livingston Family Center – Provides counseling services for youth and families. (810) 231-9591 The Livingston Family Center provides educational, supportive, and
therapeutic services to youth and their families. The LFC offers counseling, treatment services, and prevention programs; supervised visitation and child exchange site. Therapy services are provided on a sliding-fee scale based on family income. Some insurance plans are also accepted.

The Connection Runaway and Homeless Youth Program and Emergency Youth Shelter is one of the Livingston Family Center programs, that provides * Free * 24 / 7 * Confidential * individual and family counseling, support and emergency shelter for teens ages 13-17. Participation in the program is voluntary. The shelter offers safe, emergency shelter for up to 14 days, along with counseling, support groups and case management services at no charge. Parents must give their permission and teens must participate in all counseling and services. The program is funded in part by the State of Michigan DHS, Department of Health & Human Services, MSHDA and the Livingston County United Way. Call 866.440.SAFE (7233).

Juvenile Court Summer Girls’ Group-  sponsored by the Huron Valley Girl Scout Council, is aimed toward the education and empowerment of young women through positive activities. The group focuses on building strengths, stressing the importance of physical health, identifying and pursuing healthy relationships, and planning for the future. The group is facilitated by two Juvenile Probation Officers; Tanya Morrow and Angela Noffsinger. The group will begin on July 5, 2006 with a parent meeting and participant assessment. The group will end on August 9, 2006. The group will be held every Wednesday from approximately 9:00am until 3:00pm.

Substance Abuse Based Services

Substance Abuse Assessments: May be ordered by the court to be completed at the families' expense. Typically, the evaluation is ordered immediately subsequent to adjudication.

Random Urine Screens: Urine samples are taken at the court under the supervision of two probation officers or samples are taken by an outside company. The results are analyzed by an outside facility. Results of the test analysis are transmitted to the court by facsimile within seven days of the date on which the sample was taken. Cost is paid by the juvenile ranging from $7.00 to $17.00 per sample.

Real Life: The program targets juveniles age 13-17 who are 1st time offenders for an alcohol or drug charge. The Real life program is run by the University of Michigan Hospital for the juvenile and parents. The program uses educational and experiential speakers. Targeted at high risk behavior due to alcohol and drug use. Attendance of a parent is mandatory. Cost to family is $100.00.

Private Substance Abuse Treatment: May be inpatient or outpatient and is usually funded by the family's insurance. On rare occasions the court will pay for substance abuse services.

MIP Education Weekend: This is a combination of the weekend boot camp program and substance abuse counseling. It provides an intensive, physically rigorous weekend lasting from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. This program is partly grant funded, the family is assessed a cost of $100.00.