Appointed Attorney Fee Schedule

Court Proceeding


Basic Fee

Preliminary Phase
(Inquiry / Preliminary Hearing)
Paid if matter is dismissed at this stage, without regard to the number of hearings held. Included consent & diversion cases
One hearing/one day
Show Cause / Probation Violation / Motion
Paid if matter is adjudicated and disposed
Trial  (Testimony Taken)
Paid if matter cannot be resolved in any of the stages described above and requires trial to resolve the matter at which testimony is given
$240 Prep
$120 First ½ day
$120 Second ½ day
---Each additional 1/2 day of trial---
$120 1/2 day
Neglect Dispositional Review Hearings Permanency Plan
Delinquent Dispositional Review Hearings
LGAL visit as required by MCL 712A.17d
Appeals ($1,000 maximum per case)

NOTE:    Fee schedule is based on stages in the life of a case. Depending on which of the four stages the case concludes, attorneys will be paid the fees listed above. Requests for fees beyond the scope of this schedule must be accompanied by an itemized explanation of reasons for the request.  Extraordinary fees are to be submitted to the Business Office for consideration by the Judge of record. Fees of this nature, when approved, will be paid at a rate of $60/hour.

BASIC FEE includes the following: review of file, case preparation, client interviews, consultations (phone or visit), required visit with ward/parents, and hearings. The court does not pay mileage, postage, copy or subpoena fees. Expert witness fees must be pre-approved by the court. Due to time constraints, failure to submit monthly will result in non-payment of your services.

Statement of Service and Order for Payment of Court Appointed Attorney/GAL - 2014 and prior year cases

Statement of Service and Order for Payment of Court Appointed Attorney/GAL - 2015 and subsequent year cases