Collection of Personal Property by Sworn Statement
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Collection of Personal Property by Sworn Statement

E.P.I.C. - 700.3983 Collection of personal property by sworn statement - Sec. 3983. (1) After 28 days after a decedent's death, a person indebted to the decedent or having possession of tangible personal property or an instrument evidencing a debt, obligation, stock, or chose in action belonging to the decedent shall pay the indebtedness or deliver the tangible personal property or the instrument to a person claiming to be the decedent's successor upon being presented with the decedent's death certificate and a sworn statement made by or on behalf of the successor stating all of the following

  • The estate does not include real property and the value of the entire estate, wherever located, net of liens and encumbrances, does not exceed $22,000.00, (as adjusted for cost of living as provided in MCL 700.1210 - Department of Treasury publication)
  • Twenty-eight days have elapsed since the decedent's death.
  • An application or petition for the appointment of a  personal representative is not pending or has not been granted in any jurisdiction. 
  • HOW TO FILE: complete the form (Affidavit of Decedent's Successor for Delivery of Certain Assets owned by Decedent
    (PC 598 ) and have your signature notarized.  

Present to the institution where the funds are held (i.e. bank, stock company)

PLEASE NOTE:  There is no other court involvement and no fee when filing.