Conservatorship of an Incapacitated Adult
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Conservatorship of an Incapacitated Adult

 Application Instructions

Filing Fee: $175.00 (Paid by cash / check/ money order / credit card)

What you need to know before filing a petition to appoint a conservator.

 I. Fill out the following forms:

A. Petition for Appointment of Conservator and/or Protective Order ( PC 639 ).  
B. Acceptance of Appointment (PC 571 ).   ** Must be signed by proposed conservator(s)
C. Bond of Fiduciary (PC 570 ). 
D. Fiduciary Proof of Identity (PC 1071 ).   **Must be completed by proposed conservator(s)
E. Criminal Background Check. ** Must be completed by proposed conservators(s)
II. Filing of Forms:

           A. Return to the counter with the $175.00 Filing Fee and completed forms.

B. Forms will be reviewed by staff.

C. A hearing will be scheduled and statutes require the court appoint a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL). The GAL will charge a fee which is required to be paid by the Petitioner, Alleged Incapacitated Individual, or Conservator. Fees may vary due to extent of work involved.

III. Please provide copies of the following (if applicable):
A. Durable Power of Attorney.
If the Court appoints a conservator: An Inventory (PC 674 ) is to be filed 63 days after appointment and Accounts (PC 584 ) are to be done annually.
B. If a change in the conservatorship is requested, a petition to modify (PC 676 ) needs to be filed with the Court along with a $20.00 filing fee.
C. If the ward dies, the Conservator needs to inform the Court and file a death certificate, along with the final account.