Involuntary Commitment of an Individual with Mental Illness
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Involuntary Commitment of an Individual with Mental Illness

The Livingston County Probate Court directs you to:
Livingston County Community Mental Health
2280 E. Grand River
Howell, Michigan 48843 
For information regarding services which are available to individuals with mental illness.
The Probate Court assists with mentally ill patients when a Petition/Application for Hospitalization  (PCM 201) is filed with the Court requesting a transport order for an individual to be examined by a physician or licensed psychologist. A Supplemental Petition for Application for Hospitalization and Order for Examination (PCM 209) is also required to be executed by the Petitioner.
If the Court receives a Petition/Application for Hospitalization (PCM201) and 2 Clinical Certificates (PCM 208) from a hospital, the Court schedules a deferral conference and hearing. An attorney is appointed to represent an individual who is the subject of the Petition for the Court proceedings.
**NOTE:  Pursuant to Local Administrative Order 2004-02 the only pleadings accepted via facsimile in the Livingston County Probate and 44th Circuit Courts are pleadings regarding Mental Health Code proceedings.