Continue the Cycle... Recycle!
Livingston County, MichiganDPW/Solid WasteContinue the Cycle... Recycle!

Continue the Cycle... Recycle!

Recycling is a series of activities that includes collecting recyclable materials that would otherwise be considered waste, sorting and processing recyclables into raw materials, and manufacturing raw materials into new products. For recycling to work, everyone has to participate in each phase of the loop. From government and industry, to organizations, small businesses, and people at home, every American can make recycling a part of their daily routine.
Below are some ways businesses, local governments, and citizens can get involved:
Waste Reduction Guide - Created by the Livingston County Solid Waste Program, this publication contains a plethora of information for businesses and residents looking to reduce, reuse and recycle.


Curbside recycling is available to some county residents. Each trash hauling company that offers curbside recycling has its own requirements for how materials should be prepared and what is accepted. Contact your trash hauler for information, or look for a trash hauler that serves your community.


Drop-off recycling is available to all county residents at Recycle Livingston in Howell.  Recycle drop-off hours are typically on Wednesday and Saturday, and users are charged a nominal fee. Contact them at 517-548-4439 or visit their website at for information about materials accepted, location, hours and fees. 

Recycling is big business! It pays to recycle at work. From office paper, cardboard and floppy disks to metal, plastic and cafeteria food waste, there are simple ways to reduce waste and save money! If you are a business interested in saving money while helping to reduce waste, follow a few simple steps and the transition will go smoothly. 10 steps for setting up work recycling.