Trash Hauling Companies That Service Livingston County
Livingston County, MichiganDPW/Solid WasteTrash Hauling Companies That Service Livingston County

Trash Hauling Companies That Service Livingston County

Trash Hauling Companies for Your Village or Township

Please contact your township, village or city for information regarding whether you need to secure a trash hauler on your own or if a company may have contracts with your municipality.  The following is a list of some trash hauling companies that currently provide service to Livingston County or check your Yellow Pages for more.  Some of the companies provide recycling and yard waste composting service. This list may not show all available companies, and is in no way an endorsement of any one company or service.



Advanced Disposal

Republic ServicesThe

Waste Manage- ment

Brighton / GFL-Green for Life checked

Brighton / Republic Services CheckedBrighton / Garbage Man checked
Brighton / Waste Management checked
CohoctahCohoctah / Alchins checked
Cohoctah / GFL-Green for Life checked

Cohoctah / Republic Services checked
Cohoctah / Waste Management checked
ConwayConway / Alchins checked
Conway / GFL-Green for Life checked

DeerfieldDeerfield / Alchins checkedDeerfield / Dougies Disposal checkedDeerfield / GFL-Green for life checked
Deerfield / Advanced Disposal checkedDeerfield / Republic Services checked
Deerfield / Waste Management Checked

Genoa / GFL-Green for life checked
Genoa / Advanced Disposal checkedGenoa / Republic Services checked
Genoa / Waste Management checked
Green Oak

Green Oak / GFL-Green for Life checked
Green Oak / Advanced Disposal checkedGreen Oak / Republic Services checkedGreen Oak / Garbage Man checked
Green Oak / Waste Management checked

Hamburg / GFL-Green for Life checked
Hamburg / Advanced Disposal checkedHamburg / Republic Services checkedHamburg / Garbage Man checked
Hamburg / Waste Management checked
HandyHandy / Alchins checked
Handy / GFL-Green for Life checked
Handy / Advanced Disposal checked

Handy / Waste Management checked
Hartland / Dougies Disposal checkedHartland / GFL-Green for life checked
Hartland / Advanced Disposal checkedHartland / Republic Services checkedHartland / Garbage Man checked
Hartland / Waste Management checked
HowellHowell / Alchins checked
Howell / GFL-Green for Life checked
Howell / Advanced Disposal checkedHowell / Republic Services checkedHowell / Garbage Man checked
Howell / Waste Management checked
IoscoIosco / Alchins checked
Iosco / GFL-Green for Life checked
Iosco / Advanced Disposal checked

MarionMarion / Alchins checked
Marion / GFL-Green for Life checked
Marion / Advanced Disposal checked
Marion / Garbage Man checked
Marion / Waste Management checked
OceolaOceola / Alchins checked
Oceola / GFL-Green for Life checked
Oceola / Advanced Disposal checked
Oceola / Garbage Man checked
Oceola / Waste Management checked

Putnam / GFL-Green for Life checkedPutnam / Granger checkedPutnam / Advanced Disposal checked
Putnam / Garbage Man checked
Putnam / Waste Management checked
Tyrone / Dougies Disposal checkedTyrone / GFL-Green for Life checked
Tyrone / Advanced Disposal checkedTyrone / Republic Services checked
Tyrone / Waste Management checked

Unadilla / GFL-Green for Life checked
Unadilla / Advanced Disposal checked

The following municipalities have contracts* with haulers (*this could change at any time). 

City of Howell, City of Brighton, Village of Pinckney, Village of Fowlerville, and Genoa Township.

Alchin's     517.223.7119

Alchin’s serves Cohoctah, Conway, Deerfield, Handy, Howell, Iosco, Marion, and Oceola Townships.

Dougie's Disposal     810.991.1579

Dougie’s serves Hartland, Tyrone, Deerfield townships in Livingston County. 

GFL - Green For Life     586.772.8900

GFL serves Genoa Township with an exclusive contract, and also serves residential customers in all other townships in Livingston County.

Granger     517.372.2800 or 1.888.9GRANGER (888.947.2643)

Serves only Putnam Township and the Village of Pinckney. 

Advanced Disposal    734.213.6755
Advanced serves Brighton, Deerfield, Genoa, Green Oak, Hamburg, Handy, Hartland, Howell, Iosco, Marion, Oceola, Putnam, Tyrone and Unadilla Townships.

Republic Services     800.685.7382

Republic serves Brighton, Cohoctah, Deerfield, Genoa, Green Oak, Hamburg, Hartland, Howell, and Tyrone Townships and the Villages of Fowlerville and Pinckney.

The Garbage Man, LLC     810.225.3001 or 1.855-57TRASH (855.578.7274)
Services:  Brighton, Green Oak, Hamburg, Hartland, Howell, Marion, Oceola, and Putnam Townships

Waste Management    

Waste Management serves Brighton, Cohoctah, Deerfield, Genoa, Green Oak, Hamburg, Handy, Hartland, Howell, Marion, Oceola, Putnam and Tyrone Townships.