Emergency Service

Emergency Service

The Livingston County Drain Commissioner's office manages several community wastewater systems.  They include systems that have grinder and step pumps.  If you feel you need service, please call 517-546-0040 Prompt #1.    After business hours or weekends, please follow the prompts to go into the voicemail system which will activate the pager for the service person on call. 

Call if you:

  • Hear strange noises coming from the system
  • See a warning light on the electrical panel
  • Witness anything that you would consider not normal with the system

Every call is important.  Please do not send email requests for service.  Call the office number at 517-546-0040 for service or questions about your wastewater system.   A system operator will return your call.

For a handy guide on helping to maintain your system, please see the links below for a Do's and Don'ts Guide:

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     Do's and Don'ts for Pressure Systems