Lake Tyrone

Lake Tyrone

Welcome to the Lake Tyrone website, your source of information for news and events regarding lake management activities administered by the Lake Improvement Board.

The Lake Tyrone Improvement Board (LTIB) was established under Part 309 of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (NREPA). Formation of the LTIB was initiated by petition of the residents in 2003.  The Board holds public hearings to establish a lake improvement project based on the needs of the lake and feedback from the residents.  A lake improvement project could include various activities such as control of nuisance aquatic plants, dredging, engineering studies, plant surveys, aeration, etc. The Board is responsible for managing the activities of the approved lake management project.

Lake Tyrone residents have petitioned separately for two different projects:

  1. Weed Control - This project includes weed control based on lake surveys and recommendations of the lake management consultant.  The project was originally initiated by petition in 2003 and was recently extended through 2019.
  2. Aeration - This project includes installation of an aeration system, bio augmentation, ongoing operation and maintenance of the system, and sampling in accordance with the MDEQ permit.  The project was initiated by petition in 2015 and will extend through 2019.
The LTIB meets on an as-needed basis.  Meeting notices are posted on the Drain Commissioner's website, at the Township Halls, and at the County administration office. As we reach the end of the projects, the LTIB will hold hearings to determine if each project should continue.  Residents will be notified of the hearings by letter sent via first class mail. 

For questions regarding Lake Tyrone, please contact Michelle LaRose at or call 517-546-0040.


Meeting notices and treatment dates will be posted here.

2018 Proposed Treatment Plan (recommended by RLS)
Note: This is a tentative plan developed at the beginning of the season. The plan is adapted as needed based on the conditions of the lake and recommendations of the lake management consultant.

Scheduled Lake Treatments:

There are currently no scheduled treatments. 

The following link provides more information on permitting and restrictions for various treatments:  Treatment Information

Lake Improvement Board Meetings:

The next Lake Improvement Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 2:00 pm.  The meeting will be held at Hartland Township Hall (2655 Clark Rd, Hartland MI 48353). 

 Project Information

Budget Status Report

Weed Control
3-year budget:  $128,700
Annual assessment per property:  $221.13
Weed Control Project Scope (as presented and approved at the public hearings on June 6, 2016)

5-year budget:  $331,469
Annual assessement per property: $341.72
Aeration Project Scope (as presented and approved at the public hearings on March 24, 2015)