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About Us

The Livingston County Drain Commissioner’s Office

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Storm Water Management-County wide

Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Permits, Waivers, Complaints and Inquiries

Community Sanitary Sewer Management

  • 24/7 - 24 Hour – Seven days a week monitoring of all customer calls for service on the community sanitary sewers under the supervision of the Livingston County Drain Commissioner’s Office.  Call 24/7 Phone:  517-546-0040.  Please do not send an email for service.

Septage Receiving Station

  • Livingston County’s Septage Receiving Station (Haul) is located in Hartland Township along the US 23 corridor and is maintained and operated by the Department of Public Works (DPW) through the Livingston County Drain Commissioner’s office.  In brief, this facility accepts waste from localized septic haulers who pump out domestic or non-domestic septic tanks by permit only.  Livingston County ordinance prohibits land application of this waste.

Lake Improvement

  • The Livingston County Drain Commissioner sits on several boards that help manage lake improvement projects in Livingston County.  These management boards could include projects for lake dredging, weed treatment and/or harvesting, evaluation and testing.  The Boards oversee the project engineering firm and paying of bills and invoices.

Lake Levels and Dam Management

  • The Livingston County Drain Commissioner’s office has management of some of the dams in the County.  Usually these structures and lake levels have mandated levels set from the courts to maintain. In circumstances of extreme drought or rain, the elevations may vary.

Solid Waste Program

  • Livingston County promotes and encourages recycling and safe disposal of household hazardous waste.  The Solid Waste Program offers three events a year (Early Spring through October) to collect household hazardous waste from residents at no charge.  Go to the Solid Waste pages to view current Schedule of events. 
  • Livingston County Solid Waste Program offers a TV and Electronics Collection program twice a year (between April and October) at no charge to residents and small businesses.  Go to the Solid Waste pages to view current Schedule of events
  • The Solid Waste Program has offered in the past:  Compost Bins Sales, Rain Barrel Sales, provided information on composting, and works with local service agencies on projects related to recycling, safe disposal, and education programs.