Commercial SESC Permits

Commercial SESC Permits

The following is a list of forms that may be necessary for you to bring into the Livingston County Drain Commissioner's office (LCDC) for the purpose of applying for a Commercial Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (SESC) Permit. Please read the Welcome Letter and complete the forms for application. All forms will need to be completed with original signatures at the time of application. The bond and the permit fees are required at the time of application. If you have any questions, please call the Drain Commissioner's office at 517-546-0040.
Please Note:   The procedure for accepting commercial permit applications has been changed.   The first step is to submit one set of plans for the SESC review during which the inspector will determine the permit type, the SESC measures required, and other required submittals.  Upon completion of the review, the inspector will contact you, and you can proceed with submitting all other required information. 

Initial SESC Review by the Inspector is Required Prior to Application
Fees, applications, and other information will not be accepted prior to completion of the SESC review.
Welcome Letter: This letter spells out requirements for submission for a commercial SESC permit.
Commercial Permit Application: This application must bear the original signatures.
Right of Entry Agreement: This agreement allows access to the project site.

Commercial SESC Bond Form: This form must be used.  The Bond must be from the Landowner.
Commercial SESC Letter of Credit Form: This form must be used and printed on the Bank's letterhead.
Example of the SESC Criteria Review: This is an example of the items that the soil erosion inspector may be looking for. The inspector will issue this document outlining what would be required for the project for soil erosion practices.
Commercial Completion Criteria: This form initiates the closing of the permit and the return of the bond. A final invoice will be issued once the final inspection has taken place and the site is in compliance. This final invoice may require that the engineer certify the project.
MDEQ - Part 91 FAQ: Information regarding the Part 91 program.

Designated Agent Form - To be used only if the Landowner authorizes Agent to conduct all SESC related activities.

Commercial Waivers: There are no forms for the commercial waiver. A land use permit and a site plan are required for staff to make a determination for commercial waivers. The disturbed area must not exceed one acre and the site must not be within 500 feet of surface water (lake, pond, stream, county drain, wetland, etc).

*Please note that all permit and waiver fees are not refundable.