Drain Assessment Payoff Procedure & Request
Livingston County, MichiganDrain CommissionerDrain Assessment Payoff Procedure & Request

Drain Assessment Payoff Procedure & Request

For information about a Drain Assessment payoff, please email us at apdrain@livgov.com, fax (517) 545-9658 or call (517) 546-0040. Be sure whether you call, fax, or e-mail the inquiry, that you include the following information:
  1. Parcel ID and or the Address of the site.
  2. Phone number and/or e-mail address to respond to you. Where to forward the pay-off letter, if requested. (If your request needs to be returned by fax, please include your fax number.)
  3. Regarding multi-year assessments: Please provide the pay-off date for these multi-year assessments for the purpose of calculating interest. The pay-off amount will be good for 10 calendar days.