County Drain Maps

County Drain Maps

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Looking Glass River Intercounty Drain

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Looking Glass River Inter-county Drain MapInformational video

Intercounty Drain Maps

West Cedar ICD Maps:

Overall map

S of Allen Rd between county line and Spruceview

N and S of Grand River

N and S of I96

Judd Rd to Mason Rd

Mason Rd to Iosco RD

Iosco Rd to Coon Lk Rd west of Bradley Rd

Iosco Rd to Coon Lk Rd east of Gregory Rd

Gregory Rd to Kaner Rd

Gregory Rd to Weller Rd

Drain Maps by Township

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Map Legend Terms:

The following map legend terms used on the County Drain maps are explained as follows:
enclosedDrain_small.jpgDrain Commissioner Enclosed Drain - A County Drain more commonly thought of as “pipe” or “tile” drains.
openDrain_small.jpgDrain Commissioner Open Drain - A County Drain more commonly thought of as a “ditch” or “swale”.
Please note: Drainage systems shown for informational purposes only.
Not all drainage systems shown on the maps are maintained by the Livingston County Drain Commissioner.

Drainage map of Livingston County