Personnel of the Drain Commissioner's Office
Livingston County, MichiganDrain CommissionerPersonnel of the Drain Commissioner's Office

Personnel of the Drain Commissioner's Office

Brian Jonckheere
Livingston County Drain Commissioner
Board of Public Works, Director
Kenneth E. Recker, II, P.E.
Chief Deputy Drain Commissioner
Soil Erosion, Stormwater Management, Lake Levels
Michelle LaRose, P.E.
Deputy Drain Commissioner
Sanitary Sewer and Facilities Management
Livingston Regional Sanitary Sewer
Septage Receiving Station

Mitch Dempsey
Environmental Projects Manager
Soil Erosion, Phase II, Stormwater, Lake Improvement, Lake Levels

Robert Spaulding
Department of Public Works (DPW) Coordinator
Solid Waste Program Coordinator
Management of Closed Livingston County Landfill
County Drain and Soil Erosion Inspectors and their Territories
Bryan Varacalle:
Dave Henard:
Rod Soos:

Mark Benson:
Construction Manager, Conway, Cohoctah, Deerfield Townships
Hartland, Oceola and Tyrone Townships
Village of Pinckney, Village of Fowlerville, City of Howell, Handy, Howell, Iosco, Marion, Putnam, and Unadilla Townships
City of Brighton, Brighton, Green Oak, and Hamburg Townships

County Drain Maintenance Staff
Rob Quigley:  
Kyle Moulton:
Hunter Mayes:
Tim Glenn:
Field Supervisor
Heavy Equipment Operator, Drain Maintenance
Drain Maintenance Worker
Drain Maintenance Worker

Sanitary Facilities
Steve Hasbrouck:
Scott Brown:
John Bush:
Shane Laszlo:
Frank Ervin:
Sanitary Facilities Superintendent
Sanitary Facilities Operator
Sanitary Facilities Operator
Sanitary Facilities Operator

Assistant Sanitary Facilities Operator

Office Staff            
Darrin Burns:
Aaron Everest:
Pam Osdras:
Shelly Messing:
Jennifer McGinty:
Marcy Wylie:
Engineering Surveyor
Accounting Supervisor
Accounting Bookkeeper II
Office Manager
Administrative Specialist
Administrative Specialist