West Crooked Lake

West Crooked Lake

The West Crooked Lake level was established under Part 307 of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (NREPA), also known as Public Act 451 of 1994, as amended.  The summer and winter lake levels are mandated by a 1990 court order, which came about by petition from the residents owning land surrounding the lake.  The Livingston County Drain Commissioner (LCDC) is responsible for maintaining the levels through operation of the dam.  LCDC is also responsible for inspecting and maintaining the dam. 

The lake level is monitored by LCDC staff regularly, and more frequently during spring and fall rain events. The control structure consists of wooden boards (or slats) that can be added and removed to affect flow leaving the lake.  There is not a perfect seal between each board, which means a trickle of water may still flow between the boards when boards are added.  

The court order requires the lake to be lowered between November 1st and November 15th each year to obtain the winter level (939.75 feet).  The order also stipulates that the change from winter level to summer level (940.66 feet) will occur at "ice out" each spring, which is defined as the breakup of ice from the shoreline.  Based on requests by the Michigan DNR at the time of the court proceedings, the lake levels set by the court are intended to maintain a continuous flow of at least 2.5 cubic feet per second downstream of the dam, to the extent possible. 

LCDC is obligated to adhere to the lake levels stipulated by the court order to the best of our ability.  Fluctuations in lake level may occur due to excessive precipitation or lack of rain.  The operation of the control structure during rain events takes into consideration the amount of rainfall, the lake level at the time of the rain event, and the impacts to landowners both upstream and downstream of the dam. 

 Lake Level Notices

Crooked Lake will be lowered beginning November 1st.  All slats on the dam will be left in place until that date, unless significant rain occurs that may potentially cause flooding.

 Lake Details

Location:  Genoa Township
Lake Size:  188 acres
Tributary Area:  3,200 acres
Legal Lake Level Information:
     Date Established:  10/29/1990
     Summer Level:  940.66 feet
     Winter Level:  939.75 feet

Tributary area is the approximate acreage of all the land area that drains to the dam structure.