Department Assets

Department Assets

EMS unit on a vehicle lift for repairs.

Ambulance Fleet:

LCEMS utilizes type III modular ambulances. Currently, there 19 licensed paramedic units. We are staffed with a variety of crew configurations to meet the response times needs of the citizens of Livingston County.

District 1 CBRN:

The District 1 MMCSU (Mobile Medical CBRNE Support Unit) is designed to assist at the scene of a disaster, a hospital's Acute Care Center (ACC) or Health Department Neighborhood Emergency Help Center (NEHC). It is self-sufficient with generator power and can provide supplies for up to 50 patients and also communications support.

Specialty Operations Unit:

LCEMS has a special operations unit to respond to large scale incidents with uniquely trained paramedics to assist with patient care and provide additional equipment or supplies.

EMS paramedic unit trailer
John Deere Utility vehicle class=

Utility Vehicle:

One John Deere Utility vehicle have been retrofitted to be able to accommodate a crew of 2 along with a standard stretcher and medical supplies, allowing the Special Events team to transport patients out of a crowded event or remote access area for further care.

In order to be completely prepared for disaster, we have to train ourselves for things that have never happened before in our area. In order to do this we create a disaster to respond to.

This gives us hands on training while helping us know what areas we can improve on before we need to use these skills and equipment.

In this arranged disaster scenario, an accident in front of Diamond Chrome Plating on Michigan Avenue in Howell, was caused by an explosion. A busload of school kids were injured, along with several contaminated workers inside the building.