GIS Layer List

GIS Layer List

Aerial Photography

Layer Description
1950Countywide - black and white
1966Countywide - black and white
1970Countywide - black and white
1980Countywide - black and white
1985 Countywide - black and white
1990 Countywide - black and white
1995 Countywide - black and white


Layer Description
2000 Countywide - 6" pixels in urban areas and 9" pixels in rural areas
2002 Southeast Quadrant (Genoa, Brighton, Green Oak & Hamburg Townships and Brighton City) - true color - 6" pixels
2003 Northeast Quadrant (Tyrone, Deerfield, Hartland, & Oceola Townships) - true color - 6" pixels
2005 Countywide - true color - 6" pixels
2008 Countywide - true color - 12" pixels
2010Countywide - true color - 12" pixels
2015Countywide - true color - 6" pixels

Election Geography

Layer Description
Commissioner Districts County Commissioner representation as determined by 2011 Apportionment Committee
Library Districts Areas included in district library charters; usually based on school districts
School Districts Area included in each school district; created based on school district codes assigned to tax parcels
Intermediate School Districts
County ISD as determined by school district
Polling Locations
Facilities used for voting
Voting Precincts
Areas included in each precinct as determined by the local clerk
Zip Codes
General area included in each US Postal Service zip code based on the property zip code assigned to each parcel
US Congressional Districts
Areas included in the district that elects representatives to the US House of Representatives legislative district
State House of Representatives Districts
Areas included in the district that elects representatives State House of Representatives legislative district
State Senate Districts
Areas included in the district that elects representatives to the State Senate

Land Management

Layer Description
Section Lines Public Land Survey Sections
Municipal Boundary
Outline of each community, including annexations
Tax parcel polygons as described by the local unit assessor's property description
Parcel Dimensions Property boundary line distances
Subdivisions / Condominiums
Outline of each subdivision and condominium as described by the registered plat or master deed.


Layer Description
Open water polygons digitized from 2000 orthophotography
Rivers / Drains
Open water lines digitized from 2000 orthophotography
Flood Risk Zones Derived from FEMA FIRM maps that are used for floodplain management


Layer Description
Road Centerline
Road centerline as digitized from orthophotography and new development site plans
Railroad centerline digitized from orthophotography
Mile Markers
Location of each highway mile marker captured with GPS
Airports Points showing location of each airport, airstrip, and heliport

Natural Resources

Layer Description
Natural Features Inventory
Study conducted by the Planning Department to prioritize open space areas
Park & Recreation Areas
Outline of each park & recreation area based on the parcel layer
Originally obtained from the State of Michigan
Elevation Contours
5' Elevation contours derived from orthophotography; not field verified
2' Elevation contours derived from LIDAR; not field verified

Points of Interest

Layer Description
Apartment Complex
Apartment Complexes
Cemetery Location of cemeteries listed in a variety of historical sources
Church Location of churches listed in phone book
Government Office Building
State, county and local government offices
Hospitals with or without emergency care
Location of each library
Hotels and motels
Manufactured Home Community
Manufactured housing communities
Post Office
Location of each post office
Recreation Activity
Golf courses, ski hill, skate parks, etc.
Retail Store
Commercial/retail buildings and large retail centers
School Location of each school building and school board offices
Tower Tall structures including cell towers, water towers, antennas, etc.
Unincorporated Place
Also called Census Designated Places
Weather Sirens
Location of weather sirens (some captured with GPS)