Addressing Frequently Asked Questions
Livingston County, MichiganGeographic Information SystemsAddressing Frequently Asked Questions

Addressing Frequently Asked Questions

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Who issues addresses in Livingston County?,

Map and contact information for the agencies that issue the addresses​.

Livingston County Addressing issues addresses for the following Townships and Villages:

  • Brighton Township
  • Cohoctah Township
  • Conway Township
  • Deerfield Township
  • Genoa Township
  • Green Oak Township
  • Hamburg Township
  • Handy Township
  • Hartland Township
  • Iosco Township
  • Marion Township
  • Oceola Township
  • Putnam Township
  • Tyrone Township
  • Unadilla Township (only DTE Customers)
  • Village of Fowlerville
  • Village of Pinckney
Townships or Cities that Issue Their Own Addresses:
  • City of Brighton
  • City of Howell
  • Howell Township
  • Unadilla Township (Consumers Power Customers)
How much does it cost to get an address?,
  • Livingston County GIS charges a $20.00 fee per new address requested.
  • Townships/Cities that issue their own addresses have their own fees.  Check with them for their current charge.
  • ​Re-issuance of addresses due to a change in site plan of a development is subject to a charge of of $10.00 for each charge.
I am a resident building a new home. What information do I need to get an address?,

Obtain more information on the Addressing Application page, including application form and list of documents needed to apply for an address.

I am a developer constructing a new condominium or subdivision. What information is needed to get an address?,

Obtain correct form from the Address Application page and list of documents needed to apply for addresses in a new development​

I need power for a building and the power company says I need an address. What do I do to apply for a meter address?,

Meter application form and list of documents needed to apply for a meter address.

I need additional meters within an existing subdivision/condominium. What do I need to obtain these addresses?,

Meter application form and list of documents needed to apply for a meter address.​

I’m in a hurry and cannot apply for permits until I have an address. The documentation on the application is unavailable to me. Can the address request be processed without submitting this information?,

No.  The information required on the application is critical to the addressing procedure.  Once all the information is submitted an individual address can be issued within 2 days unless there are extenuating circumstances.   Addresses for a complete development should allow at least 7 days.

How is an address assigned?,

Addresses are calculated using a county addressing grid and allowing a formula of 1 address per 5.5 feet.  After the address is calculated, adjustments are made to make the new number fit within the sequence of addresses assigned over the years.


Why do I need to use the address that is assigned by the county?,

The address issued by GIS is calculated address using a mathematical formula.  After the address number is determined, the address is reported to 911 Emergency Services, the US Postal Service, other government agencies including the permitting departments, and utility companies. The address is recorded in the county database as the official property address.  Using an address that is different than the one assigned could result in:

  • Delayed emergency service response
  • Problems receiving deliveries
  • Difficulty applying for permits
  • Difficulty setting up residential service with the utility companies
Why is my address number so important?,
  • Your address is the primary way emergency responders locate you
  • When you call 911, the 911 dispatcher reports your address to fire, law enforcement, EMS, and other first responders to assist you.
  • During a health emergency, there may be situations where you cannot speak to describe your location. Your land line phone number and address displays automatically for the 911-dispatcher to notify first responders.
  • Utility service providers (gas, electric, phone, cable, water) use your address to know where service outages are located and therefore dispatch utility crews to restore service as quickly as possible.
  • Everyday services like the US Postal Service carrier and other delivery services know to deliver items/goods at your location rather than your neighbor’s.

I am converting my single family residence to a multi family residence. Can I create my own address numbers for these additional apartments or add an A or B to the end of my current address?,

No!  All addresses must be applied for through the office that has jurisdiction over your area.  This assures that established procedures are followed to determine the correct number and in reporting that number to E911, the US Postal Service, the township offices, utility companies, etc.

If the address is not created and recorded through this office, a duplicate address could be issued. Also, agencies inquiring on a self-assigned address will be told that the address is not an official number and does not exist in our database.

The US Postal Service does not accommodate addresses that reflect a fraction or an alpha numeric designation at the end of an address.  This is true of most other systems.

I received my address years ago and now the county is trying to change my house number and/or street name. Why do I need to change my address?,

Since the inception of the Enhanced 911 system, addresses that are out of sequence, range or parity (odd/even) are more easily identified.  When the emergency responders report these to our office we make every attempt to make corrections to the address.  By correcting erroneous addresses, we can assure residents that emergency assistance will arrive in a timely manner should an emergency situation arise.  Additionally, changing an address may also make it easier for delivery companies to find your residence.

If my address or a neighbor's address is out of sequence/parity how do I get it corrected?,

If you are aware of an address that is out of sequence or on the wrong side of the road (a parity problem) you can report that address to the Livingston County GIS Addressing Division.  The address will be reviewed and corrections made as needed.

Consumers Energy refuses to change the address shown on my bill. Who should I contact to make sure Consumers Energy changes my address?,

You should call the 800 number listed on your bill to make any address changes.  If a correction was made by our office, we send the utility companies a copy of the change form. However, they will not make the change until the resident calls to request the change.  If Consumers Energy does not have a record of the address change, they may request that you send/fax them a copy of the change form we provided you.  Changes may take 2-3 months from the time you notify Consumers Energy until they process the information to show on their bills.  If a problem still exists after that period, please call the GIS Addressing Unit and we will work with Consumers Energy to resolve the problem.

How does 911 find me?,

The address of each resident with a traditional land line phone who calls 9-1-1 will automatically display on a map, which allows the dispatcher to quickly determine which emergency personnel to send to the location.  People who call 9-1-1 with a cell phone are located using two different methods.  Residents using Voice Over Internet Protocol phones can be difficult to locate because their home address does not automatically display in the Computer Aided Dispatch system.

What is a reflective address sign?,

The green reflective signs seen throughout the rural areas of the county that display the address house number are called reflective 9-1-1 signs.  These signs are extremely helpful to emergency personnel when responding to an emergency situation where every second counts.  We have more information on our Reflective Address Sign page.

My address cannot be found or shows in the wrong place in mapping websites or my GPS Unit. What can I do to correct the mapping information?,

We have a list of websites that you can use to report a map error on our How to Report Map Errors page.