Reflective Address Sign Information

Reflective Address Sign Information

The green reflective signs seen throughout the rural areas of the county that display the address house number are called reflective 9-1-1 signs.  These signs are extremely helpful to emergency personnel when responding to an emergency situation where every second counts.  Download the Livingston County Address Display Guide for additional information.

Why should residents post their address numbers at the beginning of their driveway?

  • Emergency responders can only help you when they find your location.
  • Posting your address number provides easy identification of your location for responders who are not always exactly familiar with your area.
  • Every second counts during an emergency and posting your address number allows emergency responders to save critical time especially in reaching rural parts of Livingston County.
  • Homes are often hidden from view at the beginning of the driveway, only posting numbers on your home does not help responders recognize where you live since they must first turn down your driveway to find your home.
  • Livingston County’s resident population continues to increase rapidly and an increasing population means responders are required to find new subdivisions and home sites every day – this new home site may by yours!
  • Posting your address on a reflective sign is required by the Livingston County Addressing Ordinance.

Where can I purchase a reflective 911 sign?

Many fire departments within the county offer the reflective green 911 signs for a nominal fee because they realize tremendous value each sign provides for the residents.  Currently signs are available from these fire departments: 
Additionally, the materials to make a green reflective sign can also be purchased at a local hardware store if you prefer to make your own or you can order them from a sign company.

How do I properly post my address number?

If you live in Livingston County’s townships, your address number should be placed on a sign:
1.          Reflective, white numbers being 3-inches in height
2.          Letters displayed on a green background
3.          A sign posted at least 5 feet high above the grade of the roadway
4.          The sign may be mounted to a post OR a mailbox
5.          The sign must be plainly visible from the either direction of approach to your driveway
6.          The sign must be adjacent to the driveway it services
 Reflective Roadsign next to a mailboxreflective roadsign attatched to a mailbox