A license from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is required to operate a campground in the State of Michigan. The Environmental Health Division conducts an annual inspection of campgrounds to determine compliance with applicable state laws and investigates reported campground sanitation complaints.

Temporary Campgrounds also require an inspection and license. The Livingston County Environmental Health Division requires the application for a temporary campground to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event. In addition to the state fees, a county fee is imposed.

Additional information, permit applications, and laws and rules are available from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Public Campgrounds in Livingston County

Brighton Recreation Area – Hamburg Township
Fowlerville Fairgrounds – Handy Township
Hell Survivors – Putnam Township
Hideaway Park – Deerfield Township
Lake Chemung Outdoor Resort – Genoa Township
Waldenwoods Resort – Hartland Township
Taylor’s Beach – Cohoctah Township
Water’s Edge – Cohoctah Township
Hell Creek Ranch – Putnam Township