Food Protection

Food Protection

The Environmental Health Division licenses and inspects food service establishments within Livingston County to ensure that safe food is provided to the public. Food service operators must have food safety knowledge and control food safety risks.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that each year 1 out of 6 Americans (48 million people) get sick from food, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die from foodborne diseases. These illnesses and deaths are preventable and cost Americans billions of dollars each year due to medical expenses and loss of productivity.

Report Foodborne Illness (Food Poisoning)
Restaurant Inspections: View the Inspection Reports for Restaurants in Livingston County

Food Safety Certification - ServSafe

Now offering classes in Spanish! Courses in Spanish will be offered based on demand. Please contact Lisa Sanchez if you are interested.
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Food Service Licensing: Fixed, Mobile and Temporary 

Food Safety Tools for Managers