Surveys for Well & Sewage Systems

Surveys for Well & Sewage Systems

What is a survey?

A survey (accompanied with a legal description of the property) is a formal certified document that defines the boundaries of a parcel of property. It is performed by a registered land surveyor, and must contain a formal stamp or seal from the surveyor. A survey of your property must be completed before you apply for your well and sewage permits.

Why do I need a survey?

You need to have a survey performed to ensure that your proposed water supply or sewage treatment system is actually on your property. Your Sanitarian will use the survey as a reference guide throughout the permitting and inspection process.

When do I need a survey?

You must have your property surveyed if:
  • Your property is less than 10 acres; OR
  • The test holes are near an existing or proposed property line; OR
  • The Sanitarian determines it is necessary to ensure the entire water supply or sewage system is located on the property.

Are there any exceptions to the survey requirement?

You will not need to have a survey performed if your property is part of a recorded subdivision or site condo.

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